Welcome to SHeM1 Healing

Welcome to SHeM1 !

Soul/HEart/Mind Integration Healing, featuring Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), is a three pronged approach of treatment, exercises and education which addresses the newly discovered foundational root of all pains, illnesses and dysfunctions (including psychological)--Ciyenpidias or CNPDS, Chronic Neuro-Physiological Defense State. Your nervous system is stuck in defense and SHeM1 causes your nervous system to reset to a peaceful, safe state, optimizing your healing and life enjoyment. 

In addition to feelng great from the treatments, you have the option to learn how to self-reset. This way, if something happens that you become stuck in pain and/or dysfunction, you will have effective tools to help yourself, saving you time and money as you decrease your need for outside help from doctors and therapists and the like.