As an emergency room MD, I work in an intensely stressful environment. Because of that, and in my capacity as a teacher of Torah, I tend to get locked up in my head, separated from my heart. Working with Dr. Newman introduced me to an inner world I did not know existed. This awareness has had a profound effect on my ability to experience peace, love, joy and gratitude, has deepened my faith and strengthened my ability to express and enjoy heartfelt prayer. Dr. Newman’s training has also helped me to be a better doctor and teacher. The time we spent in the forest was especially memorable and helpful for my development. I highly recommend his work for anyone who wants lifetime tools to deepen their spiritual growth, be healthier, happier and far less dependent upon doctors or any other healing facilitator.
Rabbi Dr. Michael Siegelbaum
               Dean, Be’erot Yeshivah for Women, Bat Ayin
Medical Staff, Terem Emergency Medical Services, Jerusalem

Dr. Newman has helped me develop a more complete, healthier, happier paradigm for viewing the world. This helps me be a better person and a better doctor. His spinal treatment has an amazing effect on my inner sense of peace and vitality not to mention how much it alleviates any uncomfortable symptoms I may be experiencing. Anyone with a spine can benefit from this care regardless of symptoms or conditions.
Dr. Itamar Raz
               Internal Medicine,
Bikur Cholim Hospital, Jerusalem

About 14 months ago I was told by my 10 year old son's school that we would have to find him another school if we did not put him on Ritalin. Being very adamant against using conventional medicine and advised by a top pediatric neurologist that our child did not need Ritalin we said no to the school. They where still not convinced and said that the child would go no where in his learning if we did not put him on Ritalin. Around the same time, we had started an alternative approach to healing called Network Spinal Analysis, better known as NSA. Our son has been receiving two entrainments a week for the past year and tonight at the Parent Teacher meeting we were told that it is inexplicable how much our child's learning and development have progressed. His behavior problems have greatly dimished and his ability to concentrate in class is amazing. His reading and writing skills have so greatly improved that the teachers where astonished.

Mrs. Chana Klein

 I have known Dr. Newman for some time now, and over the years, he has developed a unique approach to healing combining the physical plane with the spiritual realm. His deep analyses are primarily based on the teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov which is particularly useful and necessary for our generation. I highly recommend listening to what Dr. Newman has to say; and there are those I know who swear by him and the positive effect he has had on them. May he be blessed with the health and the time to continue serving Hashem and the Jewish People successfully.

Aba Wagensberg

Torah Educator and Lecturer

Hello everyone. Just wanted to share my enthusiasm for the work I've been doing with Moshe Newman. When I first met him, I limped into his office with such debilitating sciatic pain that walking was impossible. Since that day, I've never had the pain and have only gained in awareness of my body, emotions, and spirit.
I've known him for years and the powerful energy/emotion/body work that he's created is nothing more than astounding. This work helps you dig deep into yourself and build a stronger, healthier relationship with yourself and the One Above. I cannot recommend him more! 

Mrs. Chana Mason
Vice-President,  Special Affairs at Tail of the Lion, Inc.

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